22 dicembre 2009

L'intervista- the interview

Durante questi giorni di corsa non ho avuto tempo di ringraziare come si deve una persona e così lo faccio qui. E' stata così gentile, ha pubblicato un post sul suo blog "SolitaMente" dedicandomi una piccola intervista.
A volte ci sono persone che si vorrebbero ringraziare con un grande abbraccio ma magari sono lontane e così...
Grazie mille :)
Arancino sa di essere il tuo preferito e così è corso anche lui!

qui c'è il suo blog dove potete curiosare cosa ci siamo dette :)

During these days of hard work I h've had no time to thank a person in the right way.
Her name is Clelia and she has been so kind writing on her blog and dedicating a small interview to me.
Sometimes there are persons
you would thank with a great hug but they are so far and so… Thanks Clelia :)
Arancino knows he is your loved one and so he is also here for you!
Here there's Clelia's blog and below the interview in English. Soon for the French version :)
1) Name ? > Simona Sanfilippo
2) Age ? > 33

3) Job ? > Illustrator

4) What represents your job into your life? > Difficult question but I could try :) This job is a passion and it represents Me. This is not only one part of my life but it's my life, also because it takes a lot of my time. Anyway I could say that the job in my life represents what I'm and this is a great luck . To have a job that you love, doing it for so many hours during the day and also during the vacations is really important because it helps to see your life like a realization of oneself. The alienations and the difficulties pay you back with satisfactions.
5)What takes your attention when you enter in your Studio ? > It depends :) if it's to do some cleaning I never know where start, because there're a lot of things and a big mess . I have so many hobbies ! If instead it's for working my attention is attracted from the projects on my desk. My Studio is full of colors and images that I love. Trere're objects that tell about far friends and details between which the mind runs or rests to keep attention. There're small notes with addresses, songs lyrics, sketches about projects that maybe one day will grow. Dragons that hang from the ceiling or some friends presents, all this always takes my attention :) 6) What could tell us one of your colored pencil about your working day? > Hummm… Maybe it could see me wearing a pijama, with a cup of milk and coffee , when outside it's dark still. It would look at me to check the emails and then it would let carry by my hand for hours and hours. Sometimes it comes with me in the kitchen, while I prepare lunch, helping me to fix an idea on the paper. After luch we start up a new one long afternoon still dreaming together with giant dragons, birds or for a dive underwater or into a volcano's belly . Maybe then we change project and we run towards christmas reindeers (also in an hot July) or we lost in thousand small scholastic objects. Talking pens, books, shoes, animals, houses, bears or Little Red Rinding Hoods who meet wolves. Or still characters faces stopping emotions. And then comes the evening , we have the dinner and my pencil returns to sleep on the desk while instead I go one working without it, between paint-brushes and colors. My pencil sleeps waiting the following day for a new adventure.The illustrators days are always different and they've no so fixed rules . We have deadlines, this is true, but we work without fixed timetables. Every day is always new and various. This is the best part ;) 6) What project has emotionally involved you more? and why ?> So difficult question this one! many creations involve me emotionally. I could say quite all. Maybe less the scholastic projects because they usually are a bit "cold and generic" ,without strong emotions. I love all my characters , yes I also hate some, but often I can hear their voices in my mind while I'm drawing :) The magic key is just one , as said my beloved teacher Max : If you learn to love drawing ALL the things you'll become more and more able and a great illustrator. I always try to follow this suggestion. The really important thing ,in my opinion, is to put always joy in your job and to let to be involved by. Only in this way you'll be really able to share emotions with others. 7) What you will write this year in your letter to Santa ?> I will ask for some books and somenthing for me. I would like some new colored pencils:) And obviously I will ask him to take care of my family because it's the best thing I could have.

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  1. L'abbraccio anche se virtuale arriva arriva!!!!!
    Ringrazia anche Arancino mi raccomando!!!
    Grazie ancora per il tempo che mi hai dedicato :)


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