10 aprile 2009


E' nuovamente Pasqua.
Non sono golosa di dolci per natura.
Le mie uova di cioccolato finiscono sempre in qualche dolcetto ,che si fa solitamente dopo le feste.
Le sorprese non sono mai emozionanti e così vengono sempre ammonticchiate in un angolo della scrivania.
E quindi...
...buona Pasqua a tutti i golosi e ricordate che qui c'è sempre del cioccolato che avanza,fatevi avanti :)

It's Easter again.
I'm not greedy about cakes.
My chocolate eggs always end in some cakes, that we usually made after the festivities.
The surprises inside aren't wonderful and they always go up in a dark angle of my desk.
And so…
… Happy Easter to all greedy people and remember that we always have more chocolate here! So come on :)!!

4 commenti:

  1. What a beautiful easter egg! All our British easter eggs come in nasty plastic and cardboard packaging...

    Hope you've had a lovely easter weekend!


  2. Welcome Yvette :)
    i hope you've had a nice Easter too.
    Thanks a lot for your message, i've taken this pic some days ago on my balcony.
    Chat soon :)!

  3. Hello Simona!

    That was actually me who posted as 'Yvette' before (I was logged in on my mums computer! Yvette is my mum's name!) sorry for confusion...

    Happy Easter!

    paula x

  4. :) no problem Paula ^^
    your mum's name is so sweet !
    did you have a lovely break? i hope!


ciao ! grazie per il tuo commento :)